Own the Quarter!

For the first time ever, there’s an ultimate productivity tool for sales leaders. Get real time access to reports, instantly talk with anyone on your team and never miss a beat.

Finally, a single place where all your work happens.

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Be on Top of Your Game

Every morning, Close will send you a daily brief with the latest updates on your personalized key metrics, like, pipeline coverage or lead flow. And when anything important pops up, like an at-risk deal, or a major change to the forecast Close will shoot you a real-time alert so you can immediately act.

Ask Anything, Know Everything

If you are wondering what the quarter's latest forecast is, all you needs to do is ask and you'll get an answer on the spot.

Work with the Right Context

Reach your team that already have a full context, instantly. Spin off group conference call with a tap of your finger. Spend more time doing the right things right and have more time with your customers.

Share Insights with Your Teams

You can even pick any metric from your dashboard and start a contextual conversation on your mobile app in real time. It's that easy.

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Learn how to sell smarter and faster with Base.

Sell Faster and Smarter with Base

Base's products eliminates the need for multiple sales point solutions by providing businesses with tools for email, phone dialing, lead scoring, reporting and more.